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Beth Smith

Interim CFO

I am a CFO consultant at Ampleo. I have six years’ experience in Financial, Planning and Analysis and led two major acquisitions (on both sides), ten years’ experience in Financial reporting and eight years’ experience holding a managing role. I am a driven, forward looking, innovative, strategic, ambitious, collaborative and loyal finance partner. I have proven leadership abilities and the ability to exploit opportunities, identify risks and breakdowns and problem solve.

After earning my CPA and bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics at Central Washington University, I launched my career in Public Accounting auditing financial statements and preparing tax returns for various types of entities. I decided to pivot from public accounting and moved over to corporate accounting where she worked for American Express Bank in Salt Lake City, UT. From there I worked at Jaybird, a start up organization at the time, and built the accounting team from the ground up. I was then promoted to be on the Executive Team overseeing Finance, Human Resources and Accounting and was the lead for a major successful acquisition of Jaybird from Logitech (a publicly traded company). After the acquisition I pivoted to Corporate Finance where I supported six different businesses as the Head of Finance (including the newly formed Ecommerce Business Group before I transitioned from Logitech. I supported the General Manager (CEO of each business unit) as the CFO and created three year forecasts and helped with quarter end reviews and quarterly strategic plans to the CEO of Logitech, Bracken Darrel. I have experience creating narratives for the vision of companies which are then communicated to the Board of Directors.

Beth Smith
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