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Lindsay Hansen

ID Realtor

Lindsay Hansen is a licensed Realtor and the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Property People, a full-service real estate firm located in Boise, ID. Her real estate knowledge spans from single family and multi-family property management to new construction and commercial real estate but Lindsay specializes in the management of affordable housing rental apartment communities throughout Idaho. Lindsay is well known and respected by her peers in the industry for her knowledge and background in compliance and her ability to navigate the complexities of low-income housing. Lindsay's daily involvement extends to various community partners and organizations demonstrating her holistic approach to community development. 

Lindsay firmly believes that having a place to call home is the foundation for stability and well-being, not just for individuals, but for our communities. She embraces the opportunity to provide consistent quality housing and promote a strong sense of belonging. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Lindsay is a wife and mother to four. Her commitment to them and our community is truly commendable. Whether it's her neighborhood, church, schools, or other social environments, Lindsay's impact is felt far and wide. She wants everyone to have access to homeownership and constantly goes above and beyond her call of duty, sacrificing personal time, working after hours, or on weekends to ensure that housing remains accessible for the most vulnerable members of our community. She actively engages with vulnerable youth, advocating for their needs and well-being and has recently taken a leading role in addressing gaps in the mental health, foster, and juvenile justice systems within Idaho, specifically working on solutions for youth aging out of them. Each and every effort showcases her dedication to enhancing the overall quality of life for everyone. Lindsay's character, personality, and insights are a welcome contribution to every project and person she engages with.

Lindsay Hansen
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